Map It

Tell us where you travel to in Bergen County!
Use our interactive map below to pin spots on the map where you travel to.

Please note you you must have a Google/GMail account in order to pin the map.

Step 1. – Click the map below to be taken to the Bergen County BRT Google Map.

Step 2. – Sign in to your Google/GMail account.

Step 3. – Click the red EDIT box toward the top of your map page.

Step 4. – Use the tools at the top of the map to locate a specific area on the map. Click on the “Add a placemark” button and your cursor will change to an “X” with the pin icon.

Step 5. – Locate the place on your map where you want to travel to.  Drop the pin and then click on the area. Enter a title and description for your placemark, and then click on the “OK” button.

Step 6. – Click the “Done” button when you’re finished dropping all the pins that you want. The Bergen BRT map will be updated.