Bergen County Bus Rapid Transit Implementation Study

Five Alternative Routes
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Over the past decades, travel patterns in and around Bergen County have changed, but our transportation system has not always kept pace with these changes. While many people continue to travel to New York City to work, more of us have jobs within the county. At the same time, the speed and reliability of our transit network is not always what we would like it to be, and many residents are dependent on private automobiles to get around. With very limited opportunities to expand the capacity of our highways or rail network and the need to serve new destinations, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a customer focused, innovative, and effective way to create new mobility options. The Bergen County BRT Implementation Study will define the vision for tomorrow’s advanced bus service for Bergen County in partnership with local communities and residents.

Since nearly 60% of Bergen County residents commute to jobs locally, it is important to capture feedback about BRT as a viable transportation choice to determine how the proposed transit routes will meet commuters’ needs for intra-county and connector trips outside the region.  We encourage you to provide your input by participating in the study.  Please click here to take the Travel Survey and let us know your thoughts.

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